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Shawna helped create the curriculum for Fit Body Boot Camp University and owns/operates Calgary NW Fit Body boot Camp.  It is a proud member of the Inc. 5000 list for fastest growing companies in the United States.  It has been featured on the following:
Happy Customers.

"Shawna leads by example sharing her knowledge, which is extensive in fitness, nutrition and in the struggles that many of us have when it comes to losing weight, being fit and being the best version of ourselves."

Lee M
Alberta, Canada

"Shawna's programs are quick and effective. If you want results look no further than Shawna!"

Kathe K
Louisville, NE

"The program itself is great – very healthy, very maintainable, very balanced – but for me the single biggest difference from anything I’d done before was the support of the community that came with the program... Thank You Shawna!"

Lisa B
Melbourne, Australia

Shawna Kaminski

Hey it’s Shawna, Female Fat Loss Expert and creator of My Bikini Belly.

First off, BIG congratulations on making such a wise decision.

You’re one step closer to finally knowing the secrets to melting away stubborn belly fat…

… and regaining the flat, youthful belly you always dreamed about.
This program has worked for women all over the world, helping them achieve the results they always dreamed about!

Over the years, I have developed successful workout programs and coached thousands of women to weight-loss independence.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the ‘secret sauce’ of my most successful weight loss clients…The clients on this page have a secret weight loss weapon that I’m about to share with you…

Think about it, most people trying to lose weight on their own almost always fail. Even when they have a proven plan like the one you have in your hands right now. 

 So I decided to find a way to offer this ’secret sauce’ to ALL my Bikini Belly customers.

You see, I knew there was still a big piece of the weight loss puzzle missing from the popular My Bikini Belly formula.

Through years of experience and thousands of clients, I’ve found that….
Accountability and Support Are the Missing Pieces to Your Long Term Weight Loss Success
No matter how much information, no matter how good the information, I’ve discovered the missing puzzle piece is personal coaching.

People trying to lose weight almost always fail long term when they don’t get positive, professional support and reinforcement.

So pretty soon, figuring out how to deliver incredibly effective coaching online became my new obsession…

Now I have figured out the best formula to stabilize your hormones, change your bodies shape, and ultimately move the scale for good and I’m revealing all my best weight loss secrets, workouts and nutrition hacks…

And BEST OF ALL, I’ve paired this formula with the ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT and MOTIVATION you need for lasting success.
My Bikini Belly Certified Private Coaching
Here's What it Includes:

A Certified Personal Coach

Your very own Personal Coach will reach out to you via email immediately.  You'll learn a little about each other, and she’ll explain the exciting things to expect in the days and weeks ahead. She’ll be there for you via email, phone and text to support and answer your questions. 

Instant Access to My Bestselling "Bikini Belly FOREVER" Nutritional Program

This step-by-step nutrition program will give you the resources you need to start losing weight fast. You’ll get all the strategies, meal plans and recipes needed to safely drop belly fat while feeling great. Everything is included, nothing is held back. This program totally compliments what you’ll learn in the My Bikini Belly program. 

Your Personalized Plan

Your coach will discuss your goals of what you want to achieve and why. She’ll help you overcome the obstacles you struggle with such as time, cravings, dietary issues, injuries, or simply personal fears. Together you’ll develop strategies to achieve your goals in the most time effective manner.

24/7 Access to Me as Well as Other Certified Coaches

During normal waking hours, you can be confident you’ll be able to reach your coach personally.  As well, you’ll have access to me in our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and rub shoulders with other women on the same life-changing journey as you.

Daily Check-Ins

I’ll be seeing you every day for: accountability, getting past unexpected obstacles, and planning for difficult challenges (like that office party where they’re serving all your favorite foods!)

Weekly Motivational Emails

You can expect weekly motivational emails from me with a simple “lesson plan” to follow to prevent ‘drift’ and keep you on the roadmap to guaranteed weight loss.

Private Facebook Group Access

Not only are the coaches inspiring, but you’ll also be an exclusive member in a supportive online community of like-minded women. It’s incredibly motivating when others are also committed to the same goals you are. You’ll be amazed at our international community so matter what time of the day or night it is, someone is posting on the page.
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7 Days of FREE Coaching
That's right... I are so confident you'll love having your very own Certified Personal Coach that I am giving you the first 7 Days free!

PLUS: When you stay with your coach for 6 months, you’ll get an additional two months of coaching, absolutely free.
The Shawna 247 Nutritional Program
Over the past 7 years, thousands of people have happily paid $197 for my “Bikini Belly FOREVER” nutritional program to help them achieve major weight loss results – WITHOUT having to compromise their life or lifestyle.

This step-by-step program will give you the resources you need to start losing weight fast.You get my full program, everything included, nothing held back... FREE!
You Too Can Experience Over the Top Results Like These Clients Below...
Lost 25 lbs
"I made a lifestyle change that fits MY lifestyle. An added bonus is my family has noticed and is making healthy changes now too."
Lost 10 lbs
"As a 51-year-old grandma, I decided to get back into shape after a crippling foot accident. Look at me now going into my 52nd year. Thank you Shawna!"
Lost 6.6 lbs
"I'm very happy! I feel better, my muscles feel toned and my pants are looser."

Mari Carmen Pizarro

I am a certified Health Coach with a thriving business who faced the bothersome symptoms of menopause for at least 12 months non-stop., including a belly that was hanging out of my pants.

After working with Shawna, my belly is toned and strong. I lost 10 pounds in less than six weeks and I added sexy muscle tone in places I didn’t even know I had muscles .

I look and feel younger, but more importantly I have a system that continues to pay dividends year after year.

Can’t thank you enough my dear coach, Love you Shawna!

Audrey Atkins

A very good friend first introduced me to Shawna K’s programs and I can say they definitely WORK!

I've lost over 12 lbs and 17 inches.

Her workouts are enjoyable, doable and portable as is the eating program. Following the programs Shawna developed has me in the best condition of my life at almost 60 years of age.

Even my doctor is impressed 🙂 This is definitely a lifestyle I intend to stick with!

Dana M.

Shawna K has made a HUGE difference for me over the last 90 days which included 4 major holidays between Halloween and New Years.

I am 48 years old, and every year it gets harder and harder to bounce back from holiday weight gain. I was able to lose 10 pounds and 12 inches with a combination of effective nutrition counselling and workout modules that continually changed.

Probably the most effective part of the program for me was the individualized attention and support I received daily communicating with the Shawna and the group.
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my bikini belly certified coaching program
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my bikini belly certified coaching program
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A friend is in the program and lost 20 lbs in the first month, is this typical?
This sort of weight loss is NOT typical, but does happen.  The amount of weight you lose depends on the amount of effort you put into the program.  Your coach and I will provide the tools and hold your hand to make it as easy and painless as possible.
I've tried so many programs before, how do I know this one will work?
You only need look at the testimonials on this page to see the REAL women that have gone before you to successfully achieve their goals.  you will be given all the tools you need and you will have a coach to personalize any of the tools to suit your needs.  Best of all, if at any time you find that for any reason the program is not for you, you can cancel at any time and never be revilled, so there is absolutely NO risk.
How long does this program last?  I don't want to pay monthly indefinitely.
When you LOVE this coaching, (and I know you will), you have opportunity to stay on board with your private coach for up to 6 months at this reduced rate.

When you remain in the program for six months, you will get an additional 2 months of workouts AND you will have lifetime access to all the assets on your dashboard.
Will Shawna be my weight loss coach?
Shawna K will be on the private Facebook page daily providing coaching, live broadcasts and answering questions.  In addition to Shawna, you will have your own personal coach available via email, phone call and text message.
I'm a beginner and I get confused and overwhelmed easily.
This is the perfect program for you then!  You will NOT be overwhelmed with too much information all at once.  Programs will be revealed to you on your dashboard over time so you have plenty of time to digest and deploy.  your coach will ensure that you fully understand each program, all the workout and nutrition plans and more.
How do I cancel if the program is not for me?
Look, my goal is to completely satisfy you.  If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with the program and your coach, simply email, text or call your coach... or contact my customer support team at or call 1-587-355-8353 to cancel.

There is absolutely NO risk in giving the program a try.  If you're still on this page, it's quite likely that NOTHING has worked in the past.  you owe it to yourself to try to restore your health and feel your best so you can enjoy life to the fullest.
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